• Avid Online Marketer
  • Interested in meeting people and collaborating
  • Completely in love with someone literally on the other side of the world
  • Favorite number is 3, favorite colour is any green
  • Didjeridu player (Yidaki)
  • Proud father
  • Staunch Humanist

I'm a mixed back of tricks 😀 yes, I've been in chat rooms WAY too much, so I type with a chat-style approach to this blog, as it's really about getting off of that platform and writing up some stuff of a personal and diverse nature.

But I'm a digital citizen, I live online, something that makes perfect sense to others like me, and seems a complete waste most often to those looking in 'from the reals'

Having a serious love situation with someone WAAAAAY on the other side of the globe is also a challenge I'll write about, as I find it both difficult yet massively rewarding and worth while.

My interests are varied and my specific outlook is the result of having lived an interesting life, with wins and losses, as have we all.

This blog is going to be whatever crosses my mind, also a place where I will discuss my mental health issues - I'm stuck with some head tricks, so I'll be discussing that journey on this blog, also.

Some really personal stuff will be shared - yep, I'm a sharer - and maybe I can connect with people dealing with the same things as myself by opening up on this forum.

Interested in the Interesting,
Fascinated by the Fascinating

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